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Travel Documentation

Please familiarize yourself with the necessary travel documents required by U.S. and foreign governments (subject to change without notice). 


The United States Government requires 

ALL guests travel with a current Passport “Book”

valid at least 6 months beyond your return date.


Your Passport “Book” must contain enough blank pages for entry and exit endorsements and any required visas. 


Although the U.S. Government offers a Passport “Card”, it is not valid for this cruise.


Passport “Book” must be VALID through JANUARY 1st, 2025


If you are extending your stay in Europe following this cruise, you will need to ensure that your Passport “Book” is valid 6 months beyond your scheduled return date.


Important: Complete names as they appear on Passports and dates of birth are required on cruise and flight reservations. These details must match exactly or boarding will be denied and guests will be ineligible for any refunds.  


In order to ensure accuracy,

the PCC Cruise Department requires copies of all Passports.


Please promptly send the photo/information page of your Passport:


Text Message (photo):    801-209-0109

Email (scan):        


Note for Non-U.S. citizens: please advise the PCC Cruise Department of your nationality so your cruise reservation can be updated accordingly. 


Non-U.S. and non-Canadian passport holders may require a visa to enter or transit a member country of the Schengen Agreement (i.e., Italy and Greece) and Turkey. A multiple-entry visa will be required if a non-Schengen country is visited in between visits to Schengen countries. The visa must be obtained in advance of the voyage. Non-U.S. and non-Canadian passport holders are responsible to verify requirements and obtain visa in advance of travel or risk being denied boarding.


Reminder: It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents for the entire cruise vacation and have them available when necessary. Guests who do not possess proper and accurate documentation will be denied boarding as well as entering foreign countries. Princess Cruises and airlines will not offer refunds to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation and are denied boarding.

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