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Tuesday: June 11th, 2024
Arrival 9:00 a.m.   Departure 10:00 p.m.

Did the catastrophic volcanic eruption that ravaged Santorini circa 1600 B.C. destroy Crete's ancient Minoan civilization - and give birth to the myth of Atlantis? In 1967, archaeologists on Santorini unearthed the remains of a Bronze Age city that may have been home to as many as 30,000 people. Whether the Lost Continent of Atlantis is rooted in myth or reality, an undisputed fact remains. The eruption created a caldera - and one of the most dramatic land and seascapes in the entire Mediterranean. On Santorini, whitewashed buildings cling to vertiginous cliffs that plunge to a turquoise sea. Part of the Cyclades Archipelago, the three-island group of Santorini, Thirasia and uninhabited Aspronisi present the traveler with unforgettable vistas.

The island has had a number of names throughout history - from Strongyle or "Round" to Thera in honor of an ancient hero. Santorini is more recent and stems from the island church dedicated to St. Irene - Santa Rini to foreign sailors.

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At the northern tip of Santorini lies this charming Greek village, known for its picturesque architecture, cobblestone lanes, pristine whitewashed buildings and a host of welcoming cafes, shops and blue-domed churches.



Perched on the edge of a dramatic cliff, the island's capital boasts a stunning combination of Cycladic and Venetian architecture, outstanding views of the submerged volcano and an aerial cable car transportation system.


Prehistoric Museum

A treasure trove of history and culture, this museum contains an excellent collection of artifacts found in excavations throughout the area, including the archeological site of Akotiri, known as Santorini's "Pompeii."


Palaia & Nea Kameni - Santorini Volcano

These uninhabited islands, located in the center basin of Santorini, were created by a series of volcanic eruptions 3,500 years ago. Jagged black lava and therapeutic hot springs characterize their extraordinary landscape.


Winery Tour

This region is famous for world-class wines and unique vinification methods. Visit some of the world's oldest vineyards and learn how the micro-climate and rich volcanic soil produces such a full-bodied bouquet.


Black Sand Beach (Kamari)

This seaside village, on the southeast side of Santorini, is famous for its expansive and dramatic black sand beach. Created by volcanic activity, this area is teeming with watersports, cafes and tavernas.


Santorini Crater

A volcanic eruption around 1650 B.C. caused the center of the island to implode into the sea, forming a huge water-filled crater called the "caldera," which legend proclaims to be the lost city of Atlantis.


The Mountain of Prophet Elijah

The island's highest point towers 2,000 feet above the sea and offers panoramic views of Santorini.

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