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Welcome aboard the Emerald Princess cruising the Mediterranean!

Join Gordon Christensen and Practical Clinical Courses aboard Princess Cruises’ luxurious Emerald Princess for an incredible journey visiting enchanting Mediterranean ports in Spain, Gibraltar, France and Italy. During this unique cruise course, PCC will offer two dental courses: Gordon will present an entirely new 2019 “Bottomline” and Lois Banta will offer her well-known expertise at the Office Manager Course.  

Practical Clinical Course
Earn 14 CE Hours

Christensen Bottomline - 2019


Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD


Have you recently reviewed the current changes in major trends,

materials, concepts, and devices in the profession and their

potential impact on your practice?

Doing so will help you and your team prepare for events that can

make or break your practice! The following and other topics will

be included and audience participation will be encouraged:

  • Which zirconia crown types and brands are acceptable or


  • Are dual-cure restorative resins going to reduce use of light

cure resins?

  • The best way to attach a fixed prosthesis over implants without screw holes.

  • Is silver diamine fluoride actually working?

  • Which of the new technologies do you actually need?

  • The only surface disinfectant that actually disinfects.

  • Are low cost implants inferior?

  • Which scanners are working well?

  • Centrifuging the patient’s blood for a great graft!

  • Doubling your productivity with legal delegation of clinical tasks,

  • What is the best “salvage” cement for low-retention restorations?

  • Making mandibular dentures stay in without implants.

  • Making your zirconia crowns stay in place without debonding.

  • The best of the new pulp-capping products.

  • Are there better ways to do endodontic treatment?

  • Which are the most adequate implants for GPs?

  • Do “bioactive” restorative materials work?

  • Ask Gordon your personal questions

  • Many other timely topics!

Office Manager Course
Earn 14 CE Credits

Creating a Successful Practice


Lois Banta


This is our concurrent course for practice administrators, office personnel

and spouses. Lois Banta has been a well-known, popular presenter for

many years.


Join Lois as she discusses: 

  • High Impact Communications

  • 7 Breakthrough Steps to Create Your Best Year Ever!

  • Empower Your Practice ... Know Your Numbers

  • Collections and Accounts Receivables Strategies That Work


Behavioral Objectives:

At the completion of this course, participants should know: 

  • How to set up and implement custom monitoring systems

  • Interview, hire and maintain motivated teams

  • Create effective internal and external marketing techniques

  • Run efficient morning huddles and team meetings

  • Schedule designer days for high production and low stress

  • Interpret and evaluate key practice financial data 

  • Use your software to get consistent results

  • Identify insurance and financial guidelines

  • Track claims and accounts receivables

  • Know the best communications strategies to effectively collect from patients

Course Tuition

$798 - Dentist

$498 - Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Technicians, & Office Personnel

Gordon's Class
"2019 Bottomline"
We recommend this course for dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and all clinical staff members
Lois' Class
"The Successful Practice"
We recommend this course for administration, business personnel, front desk, and interested dentists

Confirm your PCC Cruise Course in

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Important Note:

In order to participate in this unique cruise course, all PCC Cruise Course attendees,

their families, and guests must book their cruise reservation through the

PCC Cruise Department at  800-267-0243 or Reserve Now.

This ensures our company can provide conference services to all

meeting participants and their guests.


A. Online: Reserve Now 

B. Call PCC Cruise Department 800-267-0243




A. Online:

B. Call PCC Course Registration 800-223-6569

Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, Lois Banta, and Practical Clinical Courses look forward to welcoming you onboard Princess Cruises’ Emerald Princess. 

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